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Author Name: Srikar Chitta
Story title: Chadanese Reunion

About me: I am passionate about writing and want to bring little change to society with my writings. I am Srikar Chitta studying in grade 6.

About my story in Airavata: Many Animal species are being separated from their families by poachers, zookeepers, circus man and even conservationists who try to help, and there are lot many cases of animal cruelty. I imagined myself being separated from my own parents, which gave me the idea for a Chadanese Reunion. Anyone who gets separated from their parents will always try to find ways to reunite. That’s why my plot started with how an innocent Chadanese elephant got separated from her mother and how a strange group of a monkey, parrot, wolf, and an elephant tried to escape the captivity in the zoo.

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  1. Hi Srikar,

    I loved your story, Chadanese reunion. You brought alive all the animals in the story and I, as a reader, was really rooting for the reunion. Keep writing and enriching the readers.

  2. Hi Srikar. Thank you so much for this amazing story and for such a sensitive portrayal of the pain of separation. So sensitive of you to have imagined yourself in place of poor, voiceless animals and weaved a tale on their behalf. Well done!

  3. Your story had the pain of separation and also it showed the importance of friendship among the animals. And you have also beautifully penned your writing experience for the #Airavata1bloghop best wishes to you to the little star in the making. Well written Srikar.


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