The Adventure of Aarav and Raghu by Laxmi Natraj

Summary of the story:

The book was about two kids named Aarav (aged 10) and Raghu (aged 8) and their pet bird, Robo, a cross between a sparrow and a parrot. In the book, Aarav and Raghu, with the help of their uncle Tendulkar and pet Robo solve mysterious cases like Mr.Rotkar, who sells drugs and pours green pigment in a lake, the Mirchi gang, The gang that was trying to smuggle temple idols to other countries and the bald man who tries to steal paintings. Reading all three mystery stories is a thrilling experience. You will end up reading this book again and again. My only complaint is you cannot put it down.

What I liked about the book:

There are three stories in one book; the author Laxmi Natraj penned down the stories significantly. Each tale carries suspense and thrill till the end in its way. We do not know what comes in the next chapter for all the storybooks, but the author in this book gives us a tiny hint at the end of each chapter, which will never take away suspense for readers. In this book, I liked the most is the characters and their names, like Robo the bird (special bread with good IQ levels and hero of the book), Uncle Tito (Tendulkar), Lambu and Chinnu, and Grandma in the palace, scenes, and the never-ending suspense.


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