Spooky Stories by Tanushree Podder

A writer’s journey turns into a nightmare when he disembarks from the train to catch a thief and misses the train.

Anirudh is forced to spend the night in a cramped railway station with barely anyone in sight. A power failure adds to his worries!

Guided by the flashlight on his phone, he finds his way to the waiting room. There, he finds thirteen chairs and a dozen passengers seated in the room. The next train is due at dawn, so they decide to pass the time by swapping ghost stories…

Uncover the mysteries of an ancient Egyptian tomb, travel to the ruins of an old fort, and meet the ghosts of China’s Forbidden City in this unusual set of eerie, spine-tingling SPOOKY STORIES!

Things I liked:

It would have been another regular train ride for the Writer Anirudh. But when his bag was stolen at a rural and near-deserted railway station, he tried to catch the thief. But he doesn’t only fail to capture the crook; he misses the train. The exasperated author gets back to the derelict railway station. After a power failure, he makes his way to the Waiting room. The next train would only arrive the following day, so he is forced to spend the night with 12 other people and 13 chairs. The only way to pass the time was to tell spooky stories.

There are various spooky stories to satisfy every kind of horror reader, such as ghosts, spirits, kindly ones and cruel ones, and different other types of little twisty stories. Each story is unique and distinct in its own way and makes you fall in love with each character!

The book also features some lovely illustrations by Kaveri Gopalakrishnan, which really add to the ardor for the book.

Tanushree Podder’s stories are a combination of humor and Horror; she draws you into the world of each little story. She brings the settings to life in a concise yet eerie manner. Which makes you feel as if you are the protagonist, stuck in a tomb in Egypt, dancing with the ghosts of the forbidden city, or being slapped by the spirit of an Englishman in Rajasthan. With the surprising twist at the end, there are no reasons not to pick up the book!


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