Hope By Pragati Sureka

Plot Summary

This book narrates the stories of three children Ryan, Kabir, and Shoma, who come across various emotional challenges, which they can’t share with their parents at liberty. This book shows how they overcome their challenges. The book has a separate segment for parents, too, with simple guidelines on boosting a child’s emotional well-being. This book is for parents and children who want their mental health to become strong.

My Review

Meet Ryan, Kabir, and Shoma in this book. Courageous, Intelligent, and thoughtful, the three kids have to face various emotional challenges because of stress and strain in modern life and how they overcome them. The illustrations are soothing, and while reading, kids can connect to the characters in the book. The stories with kids as protagonists help deliver the message about mental well-being, why that matters, and what you can do to keep people happy around you. Also, it helps people cope up with the stress and strain of modern life.

From a child’s worldview, I feel this is an important book to help address the various doubts a child would have in mind.

Final Verdict

Reading all three stories will help a child develop a strong worldview and understand his surroundings clearly. I recommend this book to be included in every child’s life and every school and library.

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