My Mothers untold story

For a couple of years, I have been answering and being nice to everyone who asked me such idiotic questions. Even though I get irritated and emotional, I never showed it till now. But I feel to answer these questions as my son is forcing me to do. He is growing up and seeing my emotions. I don’t know how many relate or again start questioning me, but here are my questions that I have been asked till now.

Q1) Hey Ramya, I think you will help him in writing the stories?

A) Yes, of course, he comes with many ideas, and I guide him on aligning all his thoughts in one story.

Q2) Hey, I think you are writing for him and posting on behalf of him?

A) This is such a dumb question; I don’t even want to answer. I SMILE AT THEM. Let them be in peace in thinking that I write stories on behalf of my son.

Q3) Hmm, He is a lovely boy he listens to you that’s why? Our kids don’t listen to us.

A) Yes, he is pleasant & a perfectionist. NO, he doesn’t listen to me; I LISTEN TO HIM VERY PATIENTLY. There are different guys; please, you listen to the kids, don’t expect them to listen to you, then it becomes a dictatorship, not parenting

Q4) For seeing he looks dumb and silent, but when we read his stories, it seems Iike he didn’t write?

A) Yes, we are all dumb in one or the other way. It’s your perspective to see others. I can’t change your opinion. As I always do… I smile at the people.

Q5) Why he can’t mingle with other kids?

A)Yes, he can’t mingle with others, so what.I can’t move on with everyone I see. Everyone needs time. Let him find his friends; why should I push him.

Q6) Why he can’t go down and play all by himself?

A) It’s his day and his life guys, he has his own choices as to what to do what not to do. When he wants to go down, he will, and if he doesn’t, he is very clear in his priorities. Why should I say to do this, that, and pressure him?

Q7) How many days will you protect him or follow him like a kid?

A) Till my last breath, I will protect him; I am not asking you to do a favor. And for clear understanding, I am not following him; I am going beside him… He is more than a SON to me. He is my BFF, he is my mentor, he is my guide, and he is my life. What’s the problem with you guys… It’s my family my wish.

Q8) OH come on, you’re making him dependent on you, let him be independent?

A) No, I never make him dependent on me. I Want to be in his success and his failures.

Q9) Why do you always walk with him, let him be himself?

A) When a father walks with his daughter, people say, “How nice father & daughter relation is?” But when a mother walks with her son, “See always follow him, poor kid, he has no independence, why can’t she leave her son…..endless questions I have been asked till now.” What’s wrong with your thinking, guys.

Q10) Don’t be overprotective?

A) won’t you be protecting your son. Before questioning me, check yourself.

Q11) I think he is autistic? Why can’t you show him to a doctor?

A) This is the pathetic question that made me hide inside my fours walls for 4years… I wanted to shout to the whole world standing on the top of the mountain, ” HE IS NOT AUTISTIC. HE IS MY GIFT.” Later I realized why I should hide and get depressed for the things that we are not… My son brought me out of the four walls. I PROUDLY SAY MY SON IS MY FATHER.

Q12) He is gifted. I wish my kid also writes like him?

A) Every kid and every human life is a gift, guys. Enjoy each moment and make memories. Yes, every kid has talent; as a mom, you should identify your own kid’s talent. If you are comparing with other kids and pushing your son/daughter to be like them, you are failing in parenting.

Q13) What do you feed him?

A) crazy question I got, Normal vegetarian food that everyone eats.🤣🤣🤣🤣

Q14) I think you pressure him a lot, and you are not allowing him to enjoy his childhood?

A) Did you come and see in my house how I do parenting.

Q15) What he won’t play video games? You are so rude in your parenting?

A) Yes, he won’t; he has clarity in what he wants and what he doesn’t like.

Q16) He is becoming overweight? Ask him to stop writing for a few days and tell him to focus on his weight?

A) So, called people who asked me this question, I am asking you the same questions back: Are you worried about his writing skills, or Are you concerned about his health. Coming to weight, thanks for your concern taking it on a positive note; he is doing his exercise and taking care of his health.

Q17) Look, he is getting dark circles. Won’t you allow him to sleep? Tell him to stop writing on-screen 🙄?

A) Coming to dark circles, he has allergies, and at night times, he can’t have a sound sleep. That’s the reason for his dark circles and not because of the screen. STOP WORRYING ABOUT HIS WRITING SKILLS.

Q18) I tell my kid to learn from Srikar, but he is not learning. Can you tell me how I can make him write?

A) First, please don’t tell to learn or be like someone. Let them grow in their own pace and interest… There are no big tips… Just be patient with your kids; as a mom, you can identify the kid’s interest and happiness. Encourage their interest and provide opportunities. And remember, don’t force them. Finding interest is like throwing stones in the air. Where they will land is uncertain. It would be best if you were patient. Like a trial and error…

Q19) I never saw him playing with friends in the community? Does he have a problem?

A) Yes, he has a problem; he can’t see people fight in games, he can’t see or stand if it is unfair, he can’t take the blame for the things he doesn’t do, he can’t take people judging him. He plays games for fun or to relax nor to prove his skills, or to show to someone. Moreover, he has a language problem; he doesn’t know Hindi or Telugu properly. He is learning slowly.

Q20) Why is he so innocent? Teach him how to be innovative?

A) Yes, he is innocent because he is pure at his heart. As I told you, he chose to be innocent and came to this world.. If he wants to change, he will find ways to change. And of course, I will guide and support him whichever choice he makes in his life.

Q21) What do you want to make your son a writer? Won’t he be paid much like an engineer?

A) Don’t see the career with money. Whatever they choose, make sure your kids are happy with what they are doing.

Q22) Why are you putting everything on social media? Are you teaching your son to run around fame?

A) Yes, I am putting in social media not to promote my son but to encourage the people who are providing a platform to the kids. And to answer it properly in your way. My son never looks for awards, he always looks for the people’s happiness around him.

Q23)I think you are ruining his career? Let him choose his path?

A) I don’t know how to answer, will any parent ruins their kid’s career. Think before answering.

Q24) Does he go to any tuition? Who is his teacher? I  will enroll out my kid also?

A) Yes, he goes to tuition, and he teachers me. I am his student. He teaches me many things, which changed my way of thinking.

Q25) Can you share some tips on how you teach him to write such nice stories?

A) First of all stop asking me this silly question. I don’t even want to answer this question.

I just don’t know why people have so much concern and love for my parenting. I think I am good at it because my son loves me a lot. That is enough for me.

Every time he asks me one question,” Why do you love me so much Mama because you gave me birth you love me or is there any specific reason for you to love me so much?” On this platform, I want to answer Srikar.

You are my gift that came into my life to guide me into spirituality.

You taught me how to see other people’s perspectives.

You taught me how to be humble even when you get so many awards at a young age you always come to me innocently and ask me to help you in academics.

You taught me how to not look for appreciation and always give credits to my guru so that we won’t become headstrong.

You taught me how to be self-aware.

You brought me out of my depression.

You are everything to me Srikar. I see a divine personality in you which no one can see.

More than all your smile made me forget all my life before you were born. I love you not because I gave birth to you srikar, I love you because you showed me the right path to travel inwards.

And this post, you made me write and you edited it and you answered many of the questions. You are standing like a pillar in front of me and answering the insane people’s questions. That’s why I love you.


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