Real Progress in Mohenjo-Daro

This is my first Alternative History story, where the Indus Valley Civilisation survives, with Mohenjo-Daro as its capital.

Protests outside the Royal Palace. Something very normal. Something That I saw every day from the window. The government isn’t progressive, and they blame us—the main symbol of government. The bickering between Parliament and The Royal Family has been going on since The Election of 1933. For some reason, the people do not accept us in Power.

The Indus Valley Kingdom has ruled India for over 3700 years. There were power struggles and civil wars. The Monarchy remained the only word on the law. That is Until the year 1894 when people wanted a parliament. For the First few Years, nothing was wrong, but in 1933, The Parliament members started to dislike us. We have been quarreling for the past 6 years. And the people, well, see us, The Royal Family, as the cause of the lack of Progress.

For a week, Protesters have been waiting on the streets of Mohenjo-Daro. Tents on the streets, signs and even riot police couldn’t stop them. It has been causing life in the city to stop. Vandalized houses were painted with mud from the gutter. Whoever supported the Monarchy was publicly shamed and sometimes even shot.

The protests were getting out of hand. Parliament passed plans to quell the riot for a week, only to be thrown out by the royals as police marched towards the protesters, this time with Guns imported from Britain and France. Transferred through the Ports of Bombay and Pondicherry, both leased for 399 years in 1551. “As good as forever!” they said. We survived the Scramble for Asia because of those ports.

August 31, the day when the protests were put down. A day that would remain in infamy.

The next day, I was sent onto the streets so I could find people’s opinions on how we pushed the protesters. I dressed in a commoner’s clothes and walked down the market street of Mohenjo-Daro.

I approached a couple buying brinjal. I managed to hear traces of conversation as I pretended to wait in line.

“Did you hear Germany Invaded Poland!” Said the woman.

“Which sort of Madman would start a war without any Justification?” The Vendor Replied.

I continued across the stalls, and it was just the same thing, Germany Invaded Poland. I returned to the royal palace with the news. There was no talk about the quelling of the protest; instead, talk about a German Invasion.

On September 3, Britain and France declared war. The Parliament and the Monarchy agreed on the same thing; it was a far-off affair that the Indus Valley Kingdom had no intention of joining.

Of course, there was a fear of a Domino effect. If Germany could take over Poland, what about the rest of the World. All of us met in Harappa to discuss the drafting of a new constitution.

So far, the Parliament makes the Laws, while the Royal Family Interprets and Enforces said laws. However, we could not seem to agree. I, the Crown Prince, was the representative of the Royal family. Apparently, they didn’t want to lose any more powers. That was when the news came.

The King was Dead. As crown Prince, I was his successor. I could agree to have only limited power or even be a figurehead if it meant progress.

It took a week, but eventually it was agreed that I, the royal family would only appoint ministers. Now, with the issue of the royal family solved, it was time for real progress.

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