We Chose Wrong

It was so easy a few years earlier. Back in 2022, if anyone was asked to choose between Authoritarianism or Democracy, they would select democracy. In 2032, we were posed with the same choice, and we chose wrong.
That day, on December Second, 2032, my father took me to the polling booth; as we hopped over the rubble of buildings, pulled down by bombs, and lines outside opioid stores and rations for water, it was apparent who to choose. We ignored news of other candidates. As My father cast his vote, it was obvious who would win.
As we watched the television that night, another flash came on the screen. Water rations would be reduced from five gallons per person to four! Following that, our state was projected.
It was a new, bright future. Soon, we would have it.
But, on February twenty-first, 2033, the news came that an emergency had been declared, and constitutional rights would be suspended. Nobody knew why the crisis had been announced, but Military men waited outside every street. Some shocking news about our leader came on the TV every week, making us think we chose wrong and lose sleep. Our new leader banned these channels until there was only one left. Then, on March eighth, 2033, I heard my father complain. He was dragged outside and killed. I knew we chose wrong, but we could do nothing.


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