Aurora The Savior of Christmas

Snow was falling, like stars filling the dark trees; there could be no one who could say it was not a perfect moment. I climbed to the top of my treehouse and joined with my cousins Logan, Noah, and my sister Aurora to capture that moment in my memory. We were planning how to spend Christmas eve tomorrow.
We were to immerse into the surroundings to realize that the wind was too strong, and the gusty Alaskan winds kidnapped Aurora. We ran to my parents to inform them that Aurora was missing, but my parents were frozen and still to our shock. It looked like a time freeze; everything around me was frozen.
We saw a beam of light from my basement door that grabbed our attention, and we opened the door. The light beam sucked all of us in no time. We heard a voice from the light saying, “Dear kids, Aurora was kidnapped by the Prince of the Alaskan Wind. Because of the dark energy Alaskan wind is getting weaker day by day. We need to increase his powers. This should be done within two days before December 25th with a girl who has a pure heart, and her name should be Aurora because many generations back, Aurora was the mother of the Wind God, and we are trying to help her recollect her past. She agrees to help, but the dark energy attacks her in doing so. As she is pure and kind at heart, the dark energy is not able to win, but it’s making Aurora weaker,” said the voice.
I understood what was going on and asked, “what should I do now to help my sister.”
The voice continued, “You need to hide from the dark energy and reach Aurora, where she is lying down unconscious on a log near the Christmas tree.
Remember, for every 20minutes, he loses his power and becomes blind, and gains his power back within 10mins. You need to reach Aurora at this time. If you fail, we will lose Christmas and your sister as well.
We were dropped near the palace gate, and we hid behind a pillar. We saw a black cloud with red eyes guarding Aurora, and those eyes vanished in split seconds.
We walked watchfully, and everything was going fine until we tried to hold Aurora’s hand. We heard a terrible voice saying,” you think that you can rescue your sister so quickly from me! I will kill her and END Christmas,” and by saying that, the dark energy shoved us away from my sister.”
We all fell in different corners, but just then, the chain I was wearing, which had a cross on it, glowed like lightning made the dark energy shatter into pieces!
The next second, Aurora woke up, and we stood together holding her hands and helping her recollect her past. And we were blessed to be a part of saving the Alaskan wind, Christmas, and the harmony of planet Earth.


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