Bevee – The Boy Who Watched Too Much TV

There once was a boy, whose name was Bevee,

Who never ever stopped watching the T.V!

Googling at the revolting screen,

Making you to Just Scream!

Hitting the controller left and right,

Playing in a video game fight!

Yelling at his parents when they ask him to stop,

His very fictional op!

It was when his parents were out,

Instead of going out.

He was playing video games,

instead of the outdoor games!

It was when his parents came back,

A horrendous sight awaited them Unlike

anything they saw before,

their son's eyeballs were on the floor!

It was for poor old Bevee,

Who never ever stopped watching the T.V!

So now his eyeballs were out of his head,

the poor boy was dead.

You might say that he deserved it,

For he could have turned off that TV.

And poor old Beeve could have explored everything around him.



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