Give Me The Olden Days

Sometimes I sit and wonder how life was Happier in Olden Days…

            Did Plastic exist that ruined our EARTH?

            Did Money exist that ruined our HUMAN RELATIONS?

            Did Factories exist that ruin our BREATH?

            Did Technology exist that ruined our HEALTH & FAMILY TIME?!

            Did Bullies exist that ruin our CHILDHOOD MEMORIES?

            Did Comparison exist that ruins our MINDSET?

   Give me the Olden Days

           Before I-Pads, I-Pods, I-Phones Were Invented.

           Before “Self-Esteem” was invented.

           Before “Disrespect” was invented.

   Conversation went smooth, people are not afraid to laugh.
   No one was offended, they all had homemade food.
   They were people belly to belly listening and learning altogether.
   They pushed each other down & kicked each other.

   But    - No one talked about Haters or Bullies. 
            No one talked about Political parties.
            No one talked about Religion.
  This was the 1950’s where I want to be teleport J
  I heard from 4 Yorkshire Men’s Saying:

“ Times were tough back then as we were POOR but we were happier with what we have “

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  1. Give me the olden days – Superb Kiddo, sorry for being casual 😊. I must appreciate your achievements and wish you the very best.
    Keep Writing. Stay motivated.

    Before “Self-Esteem” was invented. –
    I always feel under the name of Self-Esteem/Self-respect people are cheating themselves and ready to lose the relationship/friendship. They are happy to lose the friendship but do not come forward to break the “silence” when something happens in the relationship or friendship.


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