Broken Promise

It all began with the promise of a tiny sticker. Last time, when I did some extra chores at home, my mom was delighted and promised me that she would buy me a lovely sticker. But she didn’t keep her promise. She keeps on saying to me that she’d forgotten.

My mom was the one who taught me that maintaining promises means building trust and respecting the other person by sticking to our words, but she breaks so many promises.

In some cases, the situation makes it challenging to keep a promise. For example, if a parent promises to take the child to the beach and it rains, they have no option but to break the promise.

However, I am not talking about these promises or real constraints, but about things that matter a lot to the child. Let me explain my point with a story.

Once upon a time, in the year 1978, there lived a girl named Supi with her mother in Venice, Italy. Supi was a very respectful, intelligent, and kind girl. She used to do all her homework regularly and always kept her room clean and tidy. She did all the jobs by herself. Her mom adored Supi and always did her best to provide Supi with a luxurious life. So, Mama worked hard to earn more all the time, and she endeavored to save for Supi’s future.

But on the other hand, Supi wanted to spend more time with her mom and was not interested in money or luxuries. Every time, Supi would call her mother at work and ask her to come home early for dinner and spend time with her. Her mom would promise to be there, but she could never make it earlier because of her workload.

One day, when her mother came back from the office, Supi burst into tears, saying, “You always want to give me money, future, take me to malls.  But, I don’t want all this, Mama. I want YOU. I understand your work so hard for me and for running the home. But, please spend more time with me because that is most valuable for me.”


Her mother was shocked and sat on the couch sobbing. She realized her folly and decided to spend more time with Supi from then on. She understood where her daughter’s real happiness lay. There were no more broken promises, and Supi grew up to be a woman who always kept her promises.





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