Moon girl

Once there was a girl. Her name was Ava. She was made of pure magic. She was the kindest soul on planet earth. She was not born with luxury and happiness like us because she was an orphan. She had no home and no friends. She always wished and dreamed of living in a beautiful house with a beautiful family.

The only thing that made her happy in her sad life was watching the sea and the sea birds; she wished to fly like them someday. She has a fantastic voice.

As usual, she was playing with waves near the sea, slowly she was pulled inside by the strong waves. First, she panicked, later she realized that she could breathe underwater without oxygen tanks and slowly she realized that she could turn like a mermaid.

All the sea creatures started making weird sounds, and slowly she understood the language of sea creatures and had lots of fun with them.

Once she came up from the water, her tail vanished on the land, and she was like an ordinary girl on land.

Slowly she started figuring out her hidden talents and started experimenting with her abilities like reading books to the animals, helping them when in trouble, and started thinking that they were her friends.

One fine day, when she was playing with her friends, she realized she could fly too. She started practicing till she got the hang of it and she started flying. She flew around the world to make her dream come true of making her own family.

After seeing human life for days and nights, she realized that spending time with animals is healthier than humans.

She was the pure and kindest soul; she couldn’t take hatred, betrayal, cruelty, comparison, social discrimination, greed, and arrogance by human behavior.

Ava thought staying with animals gives her real happiness, and she could live the fullest of her life gleefully. So, she started living with nature.

Every night Ava started singing a song by mingling into mother nature and became “The Moon Girl”.


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