Screen Time

Screen Time

I feel parents are quite unfair with their children when it comes to screen time rules. All the time, parents keep asking their kids not to watch Television or smart devices as it is a wastage of precious time. They complain about their kids being addicted to the screen. They want them to either go out and play or study. But, in reality, parents are themselves addicted to the screen. From the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed, Parents watch videos, chat on WhatsApp, take selfies, and post on Facebook.

In a 24 hrs time, we go to school for about 6 hrs, we go to various classes for 1-2 hours (s), we spend some time doing our homework, and during examination time, we prepare for it for at least 1-2 hour(s). Assuming, on average, a kid sleeps for approximately 10 hours a day, we effectively get only 4 hours of leisure time when we also have to eat our dinner, read storybooks, and do other daily activities. This leaves us with not more than an hour of screentime. What is so wrong with watching Television or smart devices for a short while?

I want to ask all parents if they can answer this honestly – Who is addicted to screen here? Is it the children or parents? I am sure each parent knows the answer and can differentiate between right and wrong.

I would request all parents to please give a thought to this matter. Some genius kids in Germany started a protest against parents’ screen time. I hope this does not have to be started everywhere in the world.

Spread love, introspect and try to look at things from your child’s point of view.


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