The Sun King? The Issue of the Japanese Monarchy- Explained.

The Far Left in Japan. They believe that the emperor system should be abolished. They believe that the emperor system prevents democracy. They believe the emperor Hirohito was a murderer, a war criminal. They believe he should have been hung, surrendered, or at least apologised for the war crimes.

The Far right in Japan believes that the emperor system is the heart of Japan- what keeps it alive- that he is a god! A verbal and physical battle takes place every year between both sides. Why tough? For this, we have to go back to the beginning.

According to legend, Izanagi and Iaznami created Japan by dripping their swords into the Ocean, which created the islands of Japan. After encountering the thunder gods, Izanagi created the Sun and Moon gods from his eyes and the Ocean god from his nose. Amaterasu, the sun goddess god, into a fight with the ocean god and retreated into a cave. After some time, the other gods danced outside the cave, enticing her outside. It is claimed that Jimmo, the first emperor was a direct descendant of Amaterasu. From about the 11th Century, the emperor became less and less relevant, replaced by a military dictator known as the Shogun. But in 1868, the ‘Meji Restoration’ restored the emperor as the absolute ruler of Japan.

After this, under the rule of Mutsuhito (Meji Emperor), Yoshihito (Taisho Emperor), and Hirihito (Showa Emperor), Japan rapidly militarised and expanded quickly. During World War II, Japan invaded China, Vietnam, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Multiple other South East Asian countries, killing 20 Million innocent civilians and abusing women and children. The War ended in 1945, with the Emperor renouncing his spirituality yet staying on the throne. The Japanese still have not apologised for their war crimes, which is leading to a controversial situation.

On the one hand, we have the liberals, demanding the emperor be dethroned or at least apologise for its war crimes. They believe that the Japanese emperors are not spiritual.

On the other hand, we have the conservatives, believing that the current emperor is spiritual, and the liberals are Anti-Japanese.

To conclude, the situation of the emperor is controversial in Japan. It is the people’s opinion if the world’s longest monarchy can survive for one other day.

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