Silent Holocaust

Spare a thought for the creatures that cannot speak out

Deafening sound, dazzling lights, and fireworks may enthrall us, but the festival of lights is no less than a nightmare for birds. Every year the birds are the silent victims of our ‘Enjoyment of bursting crackers. The victims are not just birds but other stray animals, pets, and wild animals too.

Some people are unbelievably cruel where they tie firecrackers to the tails of the stray dogs and cats and get the most immoral happiness. They might call it entertainment, but in reality, it’s nothing but murder.

Every year several birds get killed after being hit by the sky crackers- this is a silent Holocaust. We burst the crackers and look towards the sky for excitement, but the birds try to flee. Birds are susceptible to sounds, loud and sudden noises leave them terrified. The loud explosions make them so confused, and they couldn’t reach their nest back again.

Animal welfare activists say that high-pitched explosions cause birds to fly away from their night shelters. Owing to ear-cracking sounds, birds leave their nests in the dark of the night, and many of them never come back. Moreover, when birds don’t return home, their young ones get affected, resulting in death at times, and the young ones even become prey to other animals.

Birds fret on hearing loud music or some exploding sound. It disturbs their frame of mind. Since these birds cannot communicate their fear, they begin to flutter around and stay restless all night. While escaping from these sounds, some birds break their necks and wings by crashing into windows and trees while some birds may even die by hitting the electric poles. Some birds get burnt on their feathers; in some cases, the lower half of the body gets burned.

Studies have revealed that pollutants from firecrackers like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide remain suspended in the air. They are harmful not only to asthma and bronchitis patients but also to birds and animals. The pollutants from the fireworks also cause lethal side effects on the feathered creatures. “Besides frightening, fireworks produce a plume of smoke harmful to animals’ respiratory systems.

In conclusion, let us all aim for a silent yet fun Diwali that’s friendly to everything in the ecosystem. Instead of setting off fireworks, light up your faces with happiness and houses with diyas, lamps, and other decorative ornaments that are friendly to all. Spread joy and love to everyone in the ecosystem.


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  1. This is an excellent article and I am amazed by the sensitivity of the young author. The flow of thoughts and details added are enhancing the overall impact of the article. Great work Srikar! Keep Shining.


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