Three sides of a coin

Carson was a 10-year-old boy who lived with his parents and grandparents in Nashville. He was very affectionate towards his grandmother. He was compassionate and well-mannered.  Everything was exquisite and contented until the last day of Spring break. This is one side of Carson’s story.

The other side of his story started with his classmate’s bullying him the day of the reopening of school from spring break. The reason was that he shaved his hair off. Nobody asked him the reason behind it. Everywhere he went, he was bullied in some way or the other (both physically and emotionally).

The other side of the story: all the classmates are having a very merry time, treating him in an unmannerly way.

This went on for a whole week because nobody ever tried to know the truth. Luckily, Carson’s class teacher, Mrs. Anderson was kind enough and she noticed Carson being dull in the class. So, during the P.E period, she called Carson and queried “Why are you so dull”. Even after asking three times, Carson kept quiet. Mrs. Anderson didn’t force him anymore.

That day once all the kids left for home, Mrs. Anderson went to the principal, Mr. Johnson, and informed him about what happened in the P.E period. After enquiring with Carson’s parents, the principal came to know the reason (truth) behind being dull.

The next day in the third period the principal called for an instantaneous assembly. Once everyone assembled, he made a peace sign and called Carson on stage.

“It came to my notice that most of you are bullying Carson without knowing the truth. The truth behind Carson shaving his hair is his grandmother is diagnosed with cancer. And to show his love towards her Carson shaved his hair.” The principal enunciated, “Does anybody know about cancer here”. Everybody said Yes.

Then the principal continued by saying, “When anyone is in pain or in suffering what should we do, should we bully them.”. The answer from the students was a big NO.

“I agree we all should have fun but not in this manner. The school is the place where we motivate, comfort, and help each other. We should not bully each other like this.”, said the principal.

The moment the principal finished his words all the students started apologizing to Carson.

Many people say there are two sides to a coin. One side is the head of the coin which is their perspective and the tail which is the other person’s perspective. But do you know there is a third side as well which is the edge? From the third side, we can see both sides of the problem the head and the tail and that is called The Truth. Most of the time we mostly try to prove our perspective, but we will not give a thought to know the truth. If we look at the truth side – half of the world’s problems will be resolved.



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