Every Cloud has a silver lining

Simon was getting ready for his new school year, but unlike most other kids he was not very happy. He was a 14-year-old boy with a challenge of stammering. Given a choice he would have always stayed at home.

With his mother’s encouragement, he overcame his fears and decided to attend school. His worst fears came true when his best friends mocked him in front of everybody about his stammering. They continued it by pasting a note on his back ‘Simstams’. They wrote mean words on his books and tripped him in the cafeteria. These actions affected him, and he felt incredibly sad. However, his teacher had been observing this behavior of her students from day 1 and she decided to help him. She encouraged him by saying, “Rise over the challenges and look at the positive side of you”. These words had a great impact on him and gave him the courage to face all the challenges. Over the years he decided that he would spread these words of encouragement and help all those facing similar challenges. He became a successful motivational speaker who spoke about how he changed from a person who would stammer to now speaking confidently.


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