Ruler of An Underwater World

It was a usual day; the temperature was 57 degrees Celsius in the city of PAPE, the capital of Fredonia. That was not too high, but five hundred years ago, the temperature would have been below freezing. I got my oxygen filter from the room nearby, and I made my son ready for school. With all the things he needed to carry. You might think it was a school bag but instead, a ball filled with oxygen, Food capsules, a waterproof bag, and oxygen masks which were quite normal here in the underwater city PAPE.

As the Emperor of Fredonia, I felt happy to rule the kingdom but on the other side of the coin somewhere in my heart I have a pain which no one knew about, and I never shared with.

My forefathers once used to live on the land where they could walk freely, breathe air with no oxygen masks, enjoy the rays of the sun, felt the rain falling on the lush green grass with delicious mangoes and papayas and a lot more food, and land where kids played freely.

All this luxury vanished because they did not Sustain the environment they lived in and made the entire country of Fredonia sink.



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